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Control System Engineering

Positive Engineering supports clients int the development of C&I engineering

We have special expertise in working on the side of the client (as consultant) to supervise the engineering developed by other engineering companies. Our work is not limited to the Detail Engineering phase of the project and we can support all the phases of the C&I project (Conceptual Engineering, Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Construction, Commissioning, Start-up, Maintenance, Decommissioning)

Positive Engineering also supports clients in C&I revamping projects (Package Units Control System Upgrade, DCS Upgrade…etc).

Instrumentation Engineering

DesiGN and Calculation

  • Instrumentation Index (This will include tag number, Service, Location, Material of Construction of Instrument/Valves, Quantity, Line number, Instrument/Valve Size, etc.)
  • Instrument and valve selection in base of the process requirements
  • Specification for instrumentation
  • Specification for control valve
  • Specification for actuated valves
  • Instrument and valve datasheets
  • Control valve and pressure relief valve sizing
  • Analyzer selection and design


  • P&ID revision
  • Hook-up drawings
  • Control Building Panel Layout
  • Instrument Cable Routing Layout
  • Instrument location layouts
  • Earthing diagram
  • Hazardous area classification
  • Interconnection Schemes
  • Cable route diagrams
  • Junction boxes and multicable definition
  • Instrument Loop Diagrams 

Procurement Engineering

  • Vendor technical bid evaluation
  • Instrument vendor selection in base of technical and commercial analysis
  • Vendor document review
  • Define the valve test procedures
  • Attending in the on/off and control valve test

Control System Engineering

  • I/O List (This will include tag number, Type of signal, Connected to which Controller, Service description, Connectes to which I/O Room, SIL requirements, etc.)
  • Material Requisition and Specification for DCS/ESD/F&G System
  • Control System architecture definition
  • Control System vendor selection
  • Control System hardware definition (DCS, PLC, SCADA, ESD, SIS)
  • Control System Software Functional Design Specificaton (FDS)
  • Cable List
  • Control Narratives
  • Safeguarding Narratives
  • Alarm and Trip Settings
  • Logic Diagrams
  • Causse and Effect Matrix (interlocks)
  • Define Control System FAT and SAT procedures
  • Attending Control System FAT (hardware and software)
control system engineering

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