About Positive Engineering

About us

In Positive Engineering we have a passion for developing our projects and are fully committed to adding value to our client.

We don’t just limit to the given scope, but we always go the extra mile to better serve our clients.

We love our work and prioritize a job well done and the development Positive Relationships with clients and vendors.


Our wide experience in all phases of the Control & Instrumentation projects allows us to support our clients with a Global Vision and to develop designs that will work. Since when we do the design or we check the design done by others we are always thinking in how the system is going to be installed and commissioned, how it is going to be started-up and how it is going to be maintained. This is one big difference with other engineering companies.


Because Positive Interactions Work Better

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, also Energy and other industries manage risk. This often leads to implement fear based strategies and fear based interactions.

We have seen over the years how Control Systems and Working Procedures around them are developed with too much complexity based on fear to the severe consequences of accidents.

And we have seen very often how these extra complex Control System and extra complex Work Procedures fail in fulfilling the aim they were designed for and are less safe to prevent accidents and less reliable than more simple solutions or solutions based on common sense and not just on irrational fear.

Final clients lose millions of dollars every year and projects are delayed unnecessarily because of measures that are believed to provide extra safety, when truthfully they do the opposite and reduce safety.

One of the main reasons is ignorance. Very often, the engineers in charge of the design, supervision or any other task don`t have the required expertise, therefore they`re not familiar with what they are working with, so they put many layers of what they believe is extra protection, that at the end of the day just complicate the designs and procedures and don’t provide more protection but less at an exponential cost.

In Positive Engineering we are very aware that safety is first and we prioritise this in all our actions. Our wide experience of 20 years provides us with more than enough knowledge to assure safety at all times.

Another important factor in projects and extra cost for the client are negative interactions in the project team (client/vendors, among vendors, within clients and vendors teams, etc).

We have seen during years how often the decisions in the projects are not taken for the benefit of the project or the long term benefit of the client but just as emotional reaction to the persons stress.

Project schedule and other requirements and even more commissioning and start-up scenarios create many stressful situations. The engineers and the rest of team participating in given project have received very Little o no psychologycal training. This often leads to many different responses such as, people forgetting about what is best for the Project and client and making decisions to try to demonstrate that they are right or boost their ego, etc.

When one feels stressed, one´s efficiency decreases and that`s where mistakes and risk multiplies.

In Positive Engineering we have learnt over the years to manage stress and always respond positively. «No problem» is what clients and vendors will hear from us whenever an unexpected issue in a project needs to be faced. We work with data and not with opinions.

Our clients and vendors know that our interactions with the team are always very positive, friendly and constructive.

In the type of work related to Industrial Engineering, Positive Interactions promote people to work better, more efficient and that go the extra mile to make the project a success.

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